Gran Crema Coffee Cream

This coffee cream is a must for relaxing moments or when you need an extra bit of energy. Created by Antica Gelateria del Corso, it combines the distinct flavor of coffee with the creamy taste of Italian gelato.

The story of Antica Gelateria del Corso begins in an elegant coffee shop in the Garibaldi Square in Parma, Italy, more than 120 years ago. The tradition was kept throughout time and at the moment they use the same natural, carefully selected ingredients, to create the true Italian gelato, the creamy and refined ice cream.

Main features

  • Unique product on the market
  • Creamy
  • Unforgettable taste
  • Origin ingredients, Arabica & Robusta coffees

The history

Step into the fascinating world of the Antica Gelateria del Corso authentic Italian gelato. Enjoy the old, fascinating vibes and fall in love with one of the tastiest brands in the world.

The Gran Crema Selection

In Romania, the product is available in two varieties:

Associated services

Together with the Gran Crema varieties, Global Mirex offers a wide selection of services, including shakers (for lease), training sessions and communication materials. We support our partners with marketing and communication activities, meant to increase awareness and consumption in each location.

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