Nespresso compatible coffee capsules

The real Italian espresso comes from Sicily! The carefully selected coffee beans and true passion are the ingredients of an unforgettable taste!

The Urbano family creates Miscela D’Oro in 1946 in Messina, Sicily. With a strong passion for coffee, they start with a small artisanal roaster and a golden rule – the utmost attention to the quality and source of the coffee beans. Their passion for premium coffee as well as their drive to use only the newest and most performant technologies have brought their business to a new level, now acting as a trademark for Italian coffee. They are currently present in over 50 international markets. The Nespresso compatible coffee capsules are the newest Miscela D’Oro product and are ideal for home or office use.

Main features

  • Origin coffee capsules
  • Organic & Fairtrade
  • Compatible with Nespresso coffee machines
  • Performant coffee machines, compact and light
  • Awarded design
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Quick restocking, through online order

The Nespresso compatible coffee capsules variety

Coffee capsules are available for the Romanian market in the following variants: Gold, Black, Red, Purple

Associated services

The coffee capsules are joined by a series of associated services and products included in the monthly subscription. Amongst these – different types of espresso machines as well as personalized serving materials.

Enjoy Sicilian coffee

Find out how to get an espresso mahcine and a coffee capsule subscription for your home or office!

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