Gin-Co – Ginseng coffee

The flavor of Italian coffee and the energy of the ginseng root blend into a delicious drink, perfect for an energy break!

With over 39 million cups savored in the entire world, Gin-Co, the original ginseng coffee, enchants from the first sip. Its unique, caramel taste and its creamy texture transform it into the perfect choice for the entire day.

Main features

  • The first coffee with ginseng extract and energizing and revitalizing properties
  • Automated machines for easy preparation
  • Classic and light varieties

How it’s made

If you were wondering how the savory Gin-Co is obtained, please step into the energizing world of this unique beverage.

The Gin-Co Selection

In Romania, Gin-Co is available in two varieties: Gin-Co Classic & Gin-Co Light.

Associated Services

The Global Mirex clients also receive a series of associated services for this product – professional coffee machines (for lease) as well as training sessions for bartenders and baristas. We support our partners with marketing and communication activities, meant to increase awareness and consumption in each location.

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