The Product

The fine pulp, that Steriltom distributes with different labels and different variations, it is obtained from selected tomatoes, processed with fine sieves in order to choose only the best ones, perfects 6x6mm cubes. The fine pulp is a higher density product compared to pulp, with a creamy consistency and all the taste of fresh tomatoes.

Tomato pulp is replacing peeled tomato because it matches the market demand for a competitive and ready to use product. It is cheaper and has a better yield (10-15%) than peeled tomatoes.


The Strategy

In order to better promote the fine pulp Steriltom on the Romanian market , Global Mirex has organized a training seminar with the sales force of one of the largest distributors in the country, Agroalim, with whom Global Mirex has established a successful partnership since the beginning of 2013.

Agroalim was founded as a family business in 1991, but with foresight grasped before others the growing market’s demand about food products that arose after the fall of the communist regimes. Since then Agroalim grows rapidly, at the point that, in 2009, the U.S. giant Smithfield Foods, took-over it.

Today Agroalim offers a complete range of refrigerated products which it distributes in all the major cities of Romania.

Global Mirex’ s seminar features the talented Italian chef, Giovanni Cinquepalmi, who creates a personalized menu for his guests, offering a tasty selection of plates designed to enhance the fine pulp and its versatility in the kitchen.

In line with the modus operandi of Global Mirex , always attentive to the economic and cultural context in which it operates , the chef Cinquepalmi was asked to prepare dishes close to the culinary traditions of Romania, without though neglecting the Italian touch that remains synonymous of good, and healthy dishes.

The results haven’t taken long to arrive with an increase in the demand for fine pulp by the agents who took part at the event, but also by their colleagues who have only smelled the scent ...