The Product

Se.xO' is a non-alcoholic energy drink with a fruity flavour.

Completely free of taurine, with natural elements such as ginseng and guarana that make it special.

Presented in an elegant bottle readily identifiable and embellished with a sensual poetry, Se.xO' finds its place in your mind even before you have tasted it....

The Strategy

Se.xO' has reached its target, by becoming a true engine for entertainment, celebrations and events organised in various prestigious locations in the capital.
Sampling actions in the fashion areas of the capital ensured its fame, the fame of an energiser. The Facebook fanpage continues to add more to this fame, through a daily effervescence of user input.

Se.xO' today enjoys a large presence in all the fashion sites of Bucharest. 

Trend-setter bars, together with the most exclusive clubs, consider Se.xO'product for even the most exigent clients.