The Product

GranCrema, the coffee taste cold cream of Antica Gelateria del Corso (the Nestlé Group) with a super-premium positioning.

A 100% made in Italy, manufactured in Parma, that won the heart of Romania, becoming one of the most requested dessert.


The Strategy

A great achievement made possible by the fruitful synergy with Nestle, which has enabled a communication strategy in the country oriented according to the guidelines of the parent, but designed by Global Mirex in complete autonomy in response to the peculiarities of the local market.


The results are surprising: Global Mirex in one year alone has GranCrema in over 100 of the most prestigious bars and restaurants of Bucharest and all the main cities of Romania.

In the capital, GranCrema is now present in 80% of the upper-market Ho.Re.Ca. sector. 

GranCrema: a great product that you will be hearing about.