The Product

Everyone loves tea, there is not one place on Earth where tea is not appreciated. It can be served hot during a cosy break , or cold as a regenerating drink. A whole world of tradition and passion that Arthemia put together through its search for only the most refined fragrances among the continents.

Arthemia gathered in "The Roots of Tea" the most precious tea varieties in the world. A range of 42 tastes with three different features: in bags, in leaves and in one-portion bags for icy tea created for people who want to offer their customers a wide and exclusive experience of taste.


The Strategy

Thanks to a fruitful synergy between Global Mirex and Kazital, Italian import company based in the Country, Arthemia’s tea can be tasted in one of the most elegant and sumptuous locations of the country: the Rixos hotel in Astana.

The choice of a setting of luxury and prestige reflects the premium positioning of the product and allows the customers to lose themselves in a sensory experience of exquisite refinement.