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Kazakhstan is a transcontinental state , in between Europe and Asia. The river Aral is generally considered as the border between the two continents.
With an area of 2.7 million square kilometers , Kazakhstan is the ninth country in the world by surface area . Its population amounts to 15,233,244 inhabitants.
In terms of natural resources, Kazakhstan is among the countries with the highest per capita wealth in the world (approx. $ 14,000 of GDP per capita ) . Overall, the Kazakh economy is growing steadily . Over the last decade, GDP actually grew by 8 times ( from USD 17 billion to USD 146.5 billion ) .

In 1990 Kazakhstan proclaimed its independence, two years later its relations with Italy improved significantly. A Treaty on Strategic Partnership was signed during the visit of President Nazarbayev in Rome November 5, 2009 , as a basis for strengthening the Italian economic interests in the Country.

In the European Union, Italy is the second exporting Country in Kazakhstan after Germany. Worldwide, Italian export with Kazakhstan is on sixth position, with more than 900 million of exports in 2012 ( more than 70% of the whole ' exports in Central Asia ), almost increased fivefold in 10 years.