In 1934 Dario Giuseppe Squeri started the business in the tomato sector, building a factory for the production of Peeled tomatoes and tomato concerntrate.

The first productions were branded with the name "Corona" which also began the first exports.

In 1953 it was bought by the S.C.A.C. (Società Conserve Alimentari Corradi) and it began the sales of  these products with the brand "Due fagiani", which still represents the company’s most important asset. 

In the eighties, the company decided to diversify using new technologies for the transformation of tomatoes into tomato pulp.

The creation of Steriltom in 1992, highlights the innovative trends that distinguish the business strategies of the family Squeri. 

Steriltom was founded on an area of 100,000 square meters. and is characterised from the beginning by the use of aseptic technology in the production of tomato pulp.

The important market share achieved within the international market place consolidates the company's position on the global market.