Established at the end of the 60s,  Formec Biffi is a leading company in the Italian food market under its two main brand names, Biffi and Gaia.

Fomec Biffi’s wide range offer includes retail sizes (with the brand Biffi) together with those suited for catering industry (with the brand Gaia), in addition to chilled and ambient products starting from mayonnaise and dressings to spreads and the traditional Panettone.

The company is at the forefront with 29 production lines. The entire production is just in time, gluten free and the authenticity of the range is guaranteed.

The production includes more than 470 recipes and 100 specialties 'for a total of 1600 references (including private label). Moreover, Formec Biffi provides since more than 20 years now, certified organic products.

This success has been growing during the years, fueled by a combination of continuous investment in research and development.